The Whitefish Bay School District




In January 2012 the Board approved the refreshed District Focus Plan.  One of the goals is to engage the 21st century learner through access to reliable and robust technology that facilitates tranformational educational practice.  Recognizing that transformation requires the parallel tracks of improvement and innovation, processes have been implemented that support continuous improvement in both building and district services and expectations. The question remains: “What are tranformational educational practices?” While pilot programming provides for examination of innovative ideas in a microcosm of the organization, how will the transformative ideas be implemented on a system-wide basis?


Making sound decisions regarding programming and allocation of resources is critical for the success and sustainability of the organization. As transformative ideas surface, the process of investigating the feasibility of the idea will become a standard for innovation in our district. In order to organize information for decision-making and eliminate bias, a standard framework will be used in the reporting of future feasibility studies.  

During the 2015-2016 school year, several staff, community and parent representatives meet to discuss the implications of Transformational Educational Practices in the Whitefish Bay School District.  To find out more information on the committee's findings, please see the Board Report link on the right side of this webpage.

2016-2017 School Year Update

One of the committee's findings was to establish Communities of Practices (COP) around the seven thriving dispositions.  For additional information on the timeline for the Passion Project Proosals process which will be selected as our COPS, please visit the link below:

Passion Project Proposal Timeline and Process for Communities of Practice

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