The Technology Department is responsible for supporting teacher & staff technology, instructional technology, future technologies and the computer network (WAN).
Functions include:
  • equipment purchases
  • software purchases
  • staff technology training
  • user rights and policies 
  • inventory control
  • administrative networking
  • instructional networking
Mission for Instructional Technology
Students will be self-directed learners who can access, evaluate and apply the most effective tools and resources to communicate and compete globally. In order to meet this vision, students need meaningful daily integration of technology.

      Prioritization for Allocation of Technology Resources   

In support of this mission, the District Administrative Council has established the following priorities for allocation of resources for instructional technology:

  • Ensure network reliability and stability to deliver instructional technology.
  • Computing power, speed, and access including internet ready devices for students who choose not to bring their own device.
  • Continuous expansion and scalability to meet increased demands for speed and memory associated with new/improved technologies.
Technology Plan Goals
Goal #1 Empower students with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to thrive in a changing, global society.

Goal #2 Empower staff with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to educate students for a changing, global society.

Goal #3 Ensure access to current, relevant, reliable and robust technology infrastructure and systems that facilitate transformational educational practice.


Technology Documents

World Wide Web Publishing Guidelines
This is rule 524 updated by the School Board on 10/19/2011
Employee Technology Use
Employee: Use of Social Networking and Web 2.0
Student Appropriate Use Policy For Technology
Technology Plan 2013-2016 Goals & Objectives
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