Referendum Information
Dear Residents,
Thank you for your show of support in the passage of the November 3rd referendum. Your vote will allow the School District to move forward with the Stewardship Project which will address urgent maintenance needs and the Educational Improvement Project which will address critical space and education needs.
At the December 9th, Board Meeting, the contracts for an architect, construction manager and independent financial advisor were approved following a highly competitive and rigorous bidding process. The request for proposal the district administration prepared was detailed and inclusive of all services. We believe the inclusion of all potential service needs will insure that our tax dollars are used wisely.
The referendum project team consists of the following organizations:
Architectural Firm:                                            Bray Architects
Construction Manager:                                   C.D. Smith
Independent Financial Advisor:                     HutchinsonShockeyErley&Co.
The bids for services came in low due to the current economic climate as we expected. Additionally, with thoughtful planning, products such as roofing materials, etc. will be purchased directly by the District allowing for use of our tax exempt status. This means more tax dollars will be available for educational needs.
We will keep you apprised of construction developments through our monthly board meetings and this webpage. Here you will find a tentative design and construction timeline in addition to construction updates as they become available.  And, as we move forward, you will find answers to frequently asked questions .
Thank you again for your support in this very important endeavor.
Whitefish Bay School Board


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Feel free to email your questions. E-mails will be returned within 48 hours.

The Projects

Two separate, but equally urgent, sets of facility needs will be addressed due to the passage of the November 3rd referendum.

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