Employment Opportunities
Bay Volunteers The Bay Volunteer program will provide the youth of Whitefish Bay an opportunity to become leaders in the community.  Summer volunteers will be placed at our summer camp programs to work with children entering preschool through 8th grade.  Application deadline is early spring. School year volunteers will work with our Connects Before/After School Care program and applications are accepted throughout the school year.
CITs - Camp Cumberland The CIT program is a paid training program for teens entering their senior year of high school. This is an on-the-job work experience program involving a paid position with an 8-week commitment consisting of 25 hours per work. CITs will be asked to participate in an interview process and are required to attend a staff training session. 4 CITs will be selected.

Employment Opportunities Employment opportunities can vary from season to season. If you are interested in filling out an application please use the employment application link below to complete. If no positions are available the application will be kept on-file for future reference.

Program Proposal Want to teach a class, series or workshop? The Whitefish Bay Recreation and Community Education Department always welcomes new program ideas. Use the program proposal form link below to submit your idea. Please adhere to the following proposal deadlines:

Winter/Spring Program Guide - August/September.
Summer Program Guide - January/February
Fall Program Guide -  May/June.




CIT Cover Page
CIT Job Description
CIT Application Forms
Counselor-In-Training application forms for Camp Cumberland
Employment Application
Program Proposal Form
Summer 2017 Bay Volunteer Application
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