2nd Grade

Welcome to 2nd Grade!

2nd grade is such a wonderful year!  Students have acquired the skills of reading, writing and problems solving, and now it's time to grow and deepen the skills and knowledge they learned in 1st grade.



 Students learn skills and strategies to read and deepen their understanding of both fiction and nonfiction.They learn to read accurately and fluently.  Students begin to notice and develop strategies for figuring out unknown words in text.



Second graders write a variety of genre including opinion writing, instructional writing, informational writing, and narrative writing.  The learn about the writing process and how to edit and revise for publication.


Students learn how to use proper English when they write and speak.  This includes using proper mechanics in writing, and proper usage in speaking.

Speaking and Listening

Second graders learn how to have a discussion, ask questions, and be an active listener.  They learn how to share what they know about people, places, and things.


In second grade math, students learn strategies to master addition and subtraction facts to 20.  They learn how to solve a variety of addition and subtraction word problems.  Students develop a deep understanding of place value.  They also learn to use measurement and data to solve problems.  Second graders learn about geometry, including different 2 and 3-d shapes.

Social Studies

Social studies in second grade focuses on community, the different types, and what one can do to help their community.


In second grade science we learn about matter - solids and liquids.  We also learn about how animals and plants adapt in their environment and how they rely on each other.



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