Senior Kindergarten

Welcome to Senior Kindergarten at Cumberland School!




Reading instruction is provided in a workshop setting with big book read-alouds, flexible groups of guided-reading with the teacher, pair-share reading with a classmate, independent silent reading and reading teacher-selected options on iPads.  Senior Kindergarteners focus on retelling stories, sequencing events, identifying characters, setting and problem/resolution as well as learning decoding skills while building fluency and comprehension.



Students in Senior Kindergarten focus primarily on a beginning use of writing conventions (capitalization, punctuation, etc.).  They learn how to construct a personal narrative through the use of mini-lessons, independent practice and conferencing with their teacher using the framework of Lucy Calkins’ Units of Study Writer’s Workshop.  Students learn how to convey “small moments” of their life and begin to develop their own writer’s voice.


Orton-Gillingham Phonics

One of the most important skills to develop in Kindergarten is phonemic awareness.  Phonemic awareness is the ability to analyze, produce, manipulate and combine the smallest units of sound (phonemes) in a variety of ways, and to eventually connect the symbols that represent them to specific meanings.  Through the use of multi-sensory activities students learn to;

  • segment and combine sounds to demonstrate that spoken words consist of sequences of phonemes
  • rhyme sounds and clap syllables
  • substitute sounds appropriately and meaningfully



Developmentally appropriate handwriting instruction in a consistent, ongoing manner is a proven critical component of overall literacy development.  Using Zaner-Bloser’s highly-engaging and interactive handwriting program;

  • supports early reading and writing development through print awareness and improved letter recognition
  • encourages ongoing literacy growth to improve written communication
  • mastery allows students to focus on the process and content of their writing



Math Expressions emphasizes in-depth mathematics through real-world problem situations, modeling, conceptual language and Math Talk to help students build mathematical ideas that make sense to them.  In Senior Kindergarten overarching concepts include basic geometry using two- and three-dimensional objects, addition and subtraction, grouping and sets of objects and measurement.  Math Expressions is highly-interactive using lots of mainipulatives and extensive integration of technology. 



FOSS Science (Full Option Science System) presents material to students in a way that highlights the natural world around them.  Through reading, experiments and experiencing their outside world, students will begin to think scientifically and prepate themselves for an ever-advancing scientific and technological world.  Senior Kindergarten students will learn about trees with a yearlong unit about the world's largest plants.  Other units include Air and Weather and Pebbles, Sand and Silt. 

















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