4th Grade Home

Welcome to fourth grade at Cumberland School! As fourth grade teachers, we promise that this will be a fun and exciting year, filled with many new experiences and friendships. We can’t wait for you to join us!

In fourth grade students build on and expand their understanding of a number of foundational literacy and numeracy skills that will be critical to their academic learning pursuits in the years to come. Students master increasingly complex computational processes including multi-digit multiplication and long division, while also honing their ability to think critically in order to solve more complex, real world problems that require an understanding of mathematical concepts and practices. Students read longer, more complex texts in fourth grade across a variety of genres. They build an understanding of the characteristics of these genres, the reading strategies that can be used to understand fiction and non-fiction texts and the techniques that authors use to communicate their intended message to readers. Students then use their growing understanding of reading to enhance their ability as writers. Fourth graders compose pieces that reflect a wide variety of genres including personal narratives, fictional stories, informational texts and persuasive essays.

We provide students with opportunities to extend their classroom-based, social studies and science learning experiences through a number of interesting and engaging field trips. School-based learning about ecosystems is enhanced through a fall visit to Riveredge Nature Center, while our study of Wisconsin culture, history and government lays a foundation for trips to Stony Hill School and the Pioneer Village in the fall and a spring excursion to Madison where we visit our state capitol, the Wisconsin Historical Museum and the Veterans Museum. 

While students grow in terms of their academic knowledge and understandings in fourth grade, they also grow in relation to a number of social and emotional characteristics that will support their success as learners and community members. As a fourth grade team, we make building a fun, safe, respectful environment for learning a priority. In doing so, we are able to both facilitate students’ academic development while also fostering children’s sense of independence, their commitment to take responsibility for their own learning, and their ability to persevere through challenging situations. Fourth grade is a year of tremendous growth and development for students, and one filled with memories that students carry with them for many years to come.

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