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Meet Our Team!

 Ms. Gritzmacher, Ms. Matteucci, Ms. McCormick, and Ms. Sarnowski work diligently to create classrooms that foster a caring environment where there is mutual respect for all.  The 5th grade team engages students in a variety of standards-based lessons that encourage each student to reach his or her potential.  Further, the 5th grade team is committed to collaborating with one another so that students benefit from the strengths of each teacher. 

One of the key goals in 5th grade is to develop students' sense of responsibility.  Students maintain the assignment notebook and the organization of materials and books as they travel to and from Science, Social Studies, and home. 

5th Grade is a special time as students are concluding their elementary years and moving on to middle school.  Students have added responsibility at Cumberland as they are expected to be role models for our younger students. 

The Fifth Grade Team








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