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Cumberland School Student Council

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Our Student Council is a group of students who work with faculty advisors to enhance our school community through active participation.


All students in Grade 5 shall have the opportunity to make application to and serve in the Cumberland Student Council, to vote and to offer ideas for Student Council action.  All members of each year’s 5th grade class are eligible to become a Student Council member.  An application and membership agreement must be completed and signed by parents/guardians and member.


A student who wishes to be a candidate for the Student Council shall:

1.  Be responsible and respectful

2.  Help others

3.  Be the better person, stand up for what’s right

4.  Be kind

Membership to student council will be completed by May 1 of the 4th grade year.  Each candidate interested in becoming a member shall fill out an application that is signed by student, supporting teacher and peer, as well as the parent/guardian of that student.  These new members will be mentored by the current council members for the remainder of the 4th grade year.  New students entering in 5th grade will have the same opportunity to fill out the application.

Each Student Council member shall be responsible for performing the duties of membership including:  attend leadership and committee meetings, be an active voice for students in the school, complete committee service responsibilities, set a good example for others, and show school spirit.

Student Council Faculty Advisors:

Ms. Cruz (Email:

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