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 All students visit the library once a week. Students in K4 have a 30 minute library class, while K5 through 5th grade library classes last 35 minutes.

Depending on the grade level, library classes will involve a variety of information and technology literacy skills. Students will also have the opportunity to check out books during their library classes.

Book Checkout Guidelines:

  • K4-K5 may check out one book, grades 1-3 may check out 2 books, and grades 4-5 may check out 3 books

  • Books are due back the following week

  • Students may choose to renew their books for an additional week

  • The Cumberland Library does not charge fines for overdue books; however, we do ask that you pay for books that are lost or damaged beyond repair

I look forward to working with your child this year, and sharing my love of children's literature with him/her! Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns: 

Ms. Mallmann  Library Media Specialist

4th and 5th grade Battle of the Books Information


November, 2015

Dear 4th and 5th grade Families,

The Cumberland Library Media Center is pleased to offer the Battle of the Books reading program to all fourth and fifth graders. Battle of the Books is an extra-curricular activity that is designed to encourage students to read a variety of books.

Teams consist of three people. It is largely up to the students to find a team of three people; however, I will do my best to make sure that all students who want to participate will be able to find a team.

Team members are encouraged to divide the responsibility so that each member only reads a portion of the books on the list. For example, two people could read 7 books and the third person could read 6 books.

The Battle of the Books timeline is as follows:

  • November: Students attend an informational meeting and commit to teams. Must return form with parent signature by December 1, 2015.
  • November – January: Students read books. Quiz one another, attend optional prep sessions.
  • February: Battle schedule is posted outside of the library. All battles take place during their lunch/recess. 4th grade during lunch, 5th grade during recess.
  • The final battle date depends on the total number teams participating. This is determined toward the end of the 2nd round. The families of the students of the final battle are invited to attend.

This program is designed for students who enjoy the competitive aspect of trivia-type games and also for students who simply enjoy reading. In the past, this contest has proven to make reading fun for many students. Feel free to contact the Library Media Specialist, Valerie Mallmann, at 963-3943 or at with any questions.

Please see the reading list on the back. The library holds approximately 9 copies of each on these books. When possible, the library has at least one copy of each book in audio format.

Thanks for your support!

Valerie Mallmann, Library Media Specialist

Jane Miller, Library Secretary

2015-16 Battle of the Books Permission Form
2015-16 Battle of the Books List
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