Extracurricular activities are an integral part of the Whitefish Bay high school experience. They can add an educational dimension that is not available in the classroom. Students can find great enjoyment and satisfaction in participating with friends in activities that they enjoy.

Experience in the past has demonstrated that students who are involved in school activities tend to make better grades, have a more positive attitude toward school and education, and generally find school more rewarding. Activities emphasize cooperation and provide a chance to experience success and the benefits of participation. All activities offer opportunities for positive achievement and personal growth.

Students can become involved in activities by...
1. Listening to the morning announcements for information on how to join clubs, teams, and organizations.
2. Talking to your counselor about your interests. Your counselor will be able to help provide information.
3. Discussing the activities listed with students, siblings, parents, friends, and teachers.
4. Contacting Mr. Gustavson, Athletic Director and Student Activities Coordinator.

Develop Blue Duke Pride by becoming involved!

Activities Guide
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