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Education for life, not just a livelihood...

The business education curriculum prepares students for life after high school graduation with an emphasis on preparation for college. The high school curriculum offers single semester foundation courses in Accounting, Business Law, Global Entrepreneurship, Keyboarding, Marketing, and Personal Finance. The student is encouraged to sample as many of these courses as his/her schedule allows.  Through taking multiple business courses in high school, the student will be prepared for college offerings given the study skills, projects and academic challenges embedded in the business education curriculum.

Scheduling Suggestions. 

Exploring Student.  For the student who wants to investigate business courses but is not sure he/she will pursue business as a college major may consider taking Marketing as a sophomore, Accounting as a Junior and Personal Finance as a senior.  These three courses will introduce many important business concepts to the student while preparing the student to manage their own career and resources over their lifetime.  If they pursue a college major in business, the student will have been introduced to marketing and accounting concepts while learning about how to manage their own career and personal resources. If an exploring student has interest in Business Law or Global Entrepreneurship, the student is encouraged to consider adding a course or replacing one of the suggested courses for the Exploring Student in the curriculum. 

Business Major Student.  Students who are considering  on pursuing a college major in business should consider taking most or all of the semester long foundation courses while in high school.  As a sophomore, the student should consider taking Marketing course.  As a junior, the student should consider completing Accounting and Business Law.  In senior year, the student is encouraged to round out their education by enrolling in  Personal Finance and Global Entrepreneurship.  Completion of these semester long courses should help the student narrow their choices as to potential college major and career path.

Course Overviews.   

Personal Finance is a course every high school student should complete, regardless of their plans after high school. This course prepares students to make wise financial decisions as they progress through college, begin a career and ultimately manage their own finances and save for retirement. 

Accounting is often called the language of business. Accounting will help every student succeed in business, even if the student chooses another major. This course stresses fundamental accounting concepts and exposes the student to computerized accounting systems. 
Business Law helps introduce the student to fundamental legal concepts that guide business. In every business or organization, knowledge of business law is a critical success factor.  This course may also be appropriate for a student who wishes to explore law as a potential career path. 
Global Entrepreneurship allows a student who has completed at least one prior business course to apply basic business concepts withing the global marketplace.  The student is introduced to the responsibilities, risks and rewards available to the entrepreneur.  Much of this class content will be tested through projects and performance versus conventional academic tests.  
Marketing introduces the student to the major  marketing functions used by individuals employed in businesses around the world. About one-third of all employees use some element of marketing in their daily work. The importance of marketing is growing due to technological and market trends.  Many CEOs rise to this position or begin a small business with a foundation in marketing.

Keyboarding enables a student to achieve usable and/or employable skill levels in keyboard entry.  The class also helps the student to apply conventional formats to  reports, letters, memos, e-mail messages and with everyday school requirements.  Students who wish to take keyboarding are encouraged to take this semester course early in their high school curriculum so that the student can apply their skills throughout the remainder of their high school classes. 


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