Wisconsin Covenant


In January of 2006, Governor Jim Doyle introduced the Wisconsin Covenant, a program created to inspire young people to plan early for a successful high-school career that will lead to higher education.  Unfortunately, the program has been discontinued but for those students who have signed the pledge, it will still be granted.  




  • Earn a high-school diploma.
  • Maintain at least a “B” average in high school.
  • Complete the classes they need to prepare them for higher education.
  • Demonstrate good citizenship and participate in their community.
  • Apply for state and federal financial aid in a timely manner.
  • Take the necessary steps to gain admission to a University of Wisconsin System institution, a WisconsinTechnicalCollege, and/or a Wisconsin private college or university.


In return for meeting these goals and keeping the pledge, a Wisconsin Covenant Student will be recognized as a Wisconsin Covenant Scholar, earn a place within our partnered systems of higher education, and receive a financial aid package based on their family’s financial need to help make college affordable.


For more information, please visit the Wisconsin Covenant website.




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