Youth Options

Wisconsin's youth options program allows public high school juniors and seniors who meet certain requirements to take post-secondary courses at a UW institution, a Wisconsin technical college, one of the state's participating private non-profit institutions of higher education, or tribally-controlled colleges.  Approved courses count toward high school graduation and college credit.

The program opens the door to greater learning opportunities for motivated students considering a technical career, wishing to begin college early, or preparing themselves to enter the workforce immediately after high school graduation. Under youth options, a student does not pay for a college course if the school board determines the course qualifies for high school credit and is not comparable to a course already offered in the school district.  If approved by the school board, the student can receive both high school and college credit upon successful completion of the course.  A student who successfully completes their high school graduation requirements earns a high school diploma regardless of whether the requirements were met while attending a high school or college.

* The School Board will be responsible for the cost of tuition if the course is approved either for high school credit or for dual credit (high school and post-secondary credit).  Tuition will be paid for high school and/or dual credit courses in which a student enrolls only if the student has exhausted the curriculum at Whitefish Bay High School or if the course is not comparable to a course offered within the school district.  Students approved to enroll for post-secondary credit only are responsible for all tuition and fees.

* The Youth Options program allows school boards to limit students to 18 post-secondary credits, total, in their junior and senior years.

* If a pupil receives a failing grade or fails to complete (drops) a course for which the school district has made payment, the school board is authorized to request reimbursement for all costs related to this course from the student if he or she is an adult or from the student's parent or guardian.

* Students participating in Youth Options must complete and submit all application forms no later than March 1 for a course to be taken in the fall and by October 1 for a course to be taken in the spring semester.  The student must indicate in writing whether the credit will be for high school credit, dual credit (high school and post-secondary), or for post secondary credit.  Students must comply with all admission criteria for Institutes of Higher Learning.

* The Youth Options program does not apply to summer programs.  Application forms are available in the counseling office or you can print your own from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (see below).  Completed applications should be submitted to the student's school counselor.  Participating Institutions:  All University of Wisconsin system institutions, including the two-year UW Colleges, all campuses in the Wisconsin Technical College System and many private colleges in Wisconsin, including Concordia University Mequon.

To obtain an application form, you can go to the Youth Options website and under the "resources" column, click on "program application form." 

**Note:  A separate enrollment form must be completed for each semester of instruction.**


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