Athletic Department Philosophy Statement

The Whitefish Bay High School athletic program provides students with opportunities to learn the rules, skills, techniques and strategies, and the competitive and cooperative attitudes of sport, and, to demonstrate what has been learned through interscholastic competition.

 All teams and participants are coached with the intention that Bay students will be highly competitive with all other schools' teams. Within the concept of sportsmanship, Bay Varsity athletes are focused upon winning.

Bay programs are developmental. Given different player abilities and maturity, most team sports involve more than one level of competition – Varsity, Junior Varsity and Freshmen. It is the goal of our coaching staff to position athletes at the level that will best develop the student/athlete's potential.

Except when supervisory, safety and space conditions exist, Bay teams welcome all students interested in participating in the respective sport. When team membership must be restricted, it will be done according to previously shared criteria observed over a reasonable practice period. 


Activities Director
Mr. Jason Kasmarick
1200 East Fairmount Avenue
Whitefish Bay, WI  53217
Phone:  414-963-3972

Activities Secretary
Mrs. Jean Christiaansen
Phone:  414-963-3971
Fax:  414-963-3973


Coaching Opportunities

Athletic Schedules
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