In order to have medication administered to your child at school, the Medication Administration During School form must be on file at the clinic. You can download a copy here.
Medication Administration During School Form
Prescription Drug Disclosure Form
Mandatory Form for all students
If a student becomes ill or is injured during the school day, he/she will report to the clinic. If the child is unable to remain at school, parents will be notified. If they cannot be reached, the health aide will contact the people listed on the child's emergency contact form. The clinic cannot treat serious injuries or illnesses; they will apply ice as needed and keep your child as comfortable as possible until you arrive.

Please notify the clinic of the following: your child's specific health condition or allergy, any communicable disease such as chicken pox, or any immunizations received by your child.

Medications can be delivered to school by an adult or student. No medication is given to a student without completion of the medication permission form by a parent or guardian. The medication must be in a container with the pharmacy label on it. Extra medication forms can be obtained from the clinic.
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