8th Grade Math: Kim Zvara & Ron Bushbaum

8th Grade Math and Algebra

Whitefish Bay Middle School
1144 E. Henry Clay Ave.
Whitefish Bay, WI 53217
Phone: 414-963-6800

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Math 8

Follow this Link for ALL Math 8 Notes and Assignments
Course Overview / Math Practices
Classroom Exectations
Online Big Ideas Text Book
How to cover your text with a paperbag
Day 2 - Complete Scavenger Hunt; Homework - Complete the Fair Game Review on Pages 1-2 in Journal

Algebra I

Follow this Link to Mr. Bushbaum's Website for Notes & Assingnments
Classroom Expectations
Online Algebra Text Book

Useful Links

Common Core State Math Standards
Math Open Reference
The World of Math Online
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Math Warehouse
NCTM - Illuminations
WKCE Practice Tests
TI-Nspire free TI-84 Plus keypad
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