Readings, Reviews, and HB Postings
Review Packet Lesson 14 answers
Review Packet Lesson 13 answers
Review Packet Lesson 12 answers
Review Packet Lesson 11 answers
Review Packet Lesson 10 answers
Blood life's liquid reading guide answer key
Heart diagram and notes
Gives the correct labels for the entire heart and also provides useful notes on parts of the heart, blood vessels, and parts of blood.
Lesson 14 Reading Guide answer key
heart function, blood transport, and circulation.
Slide show of Gas Exchange and Cellular Respiration combined
This helps to show how the two processes are interconnected and gives a great visual of many major concpets covered. If student can explain this process, they understand lessons 10-12.
Lesson 13 Reading Guide Answer Key
Lesson 12 reflection question answers
reading guide answer key lesson 11 & 12
Explains the 4 terms of breathing, explains the basic difference between combustion and cellular respiraton, and summarized the labs on cellular respiration.
Answer Key-ReadingGuide for "Why So Many?"
HB Reading 14 "Why so Many?" p.108-109
gives a summary of gas exchange and basic path that oxygen and carbon dioxide travel
Oxidation explanation of combustion and cellular respiration
Intro Reading to Lesson 12 that explains the two types of Oxidation
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