Learning Fair
General Information
Contract Permission Slip
Power Point for Familes and Students



Registration forms due: January 13, 2017 - February 3, 2017

Planning Forms due Friday, February 17.  Students without forms in by this date will  not be able to participate in the Learning Fair.

Friday, March 10 - Project Checklist Due!  

Wednesday, March 15 - Learning Fair – Located in the Great Hall

8:15-9:30 AM Participants Set up Projects

9:30-3:00 Learning Fair open for class visits

5:00-6:00 PM Learning Fair open for parents/guardians/guests/community members. Projects are taken home following the exhibit.


Final Checklist for Project Completion
Both Science and History Checklists are attached in this document. Please print this off and verify completion with parent initials and date.
History Project Planner
History Topics
Looking for ideas? You might find one here, or these might serve as a spark for your own creative Historical topic!
History Procedure
An extensive guide to doing Historical Research at the student level, this is based on work from the Wisconsin State Historical Society.
History Links
These links serve as some of the pathways to finding Primary Sources, those original, period documents which lead to a real sense of History. Some of these can be found online in digital form, while others allow you to search for actual materials at Research Libraries and Archives.


Science Project Planner 2017
Science Topics
Looking for science ideas? You might find one in this list, or these might serve as a spark for your own idea!
Project Checklist
Please look at this link for going through the Science Fair process. It includes a design of the exhibit.
Science Links
These links serve as some of the ways to finding Science Project ideas, suggestions, procedures, and other helpful tips.
Science Experiment Safety
Please check this link for safety precautions while working on science experiments.
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