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All art classes meet once a week for students in grades K4 through 5th grade:

  •  K4:        30 minutes
  •  Grades K5 - 5th  :    60 minutes

In the art department we focus on a wide variety of different content areas throughout the school year.  We do some drawing, painting, sculpture, crafts, and graphics (printmaking).

Here are the various nuts and bolts:

  • We integrate our lessons at times with their classroom learning.

  • All children are required to have a smock at school.

  • We do keep an annual list of Art Vocabulary terms which are posted in the Art Rooms.

  • We focus on various Artists throughout the school year in our art lessons.  


We truly enjoy working with your children and welcome your questions and expertise.


Ms. Sally Danforth. Email:  Phone: 414.963.3951

Mrs. Leza Van Hyle.  Email:  Phone: 414.963.3951



Junior Docent

Contact person for Junior Docent is: Ms. Jennifer Hellermann.




The Responding to Art presentation allows any interested student in fourth and fifth grade the opportunity to explore understandings about the world around them through the study of a work of art and the artist responsible for its creation.  Students may then create a replica of the original and design an aesthetic response in reflection of the work of art.   Speeches 2-3 minutes in length will be shared with visitors attending the Richards Art Show on April 20th, 2017.




Responding to Art 

October 6th  - Due date for "Commitment" Form (DOC-1) to Ms.  Danforth

December 1st - Due date for the completed "Expectations & Guidelines" form (DOC-2)

March 2th -  Due date for the recreation or replica of your chosen piece.  

March 16th -   Due date for "Planning and Preparing" grid form (DOC-3)

April 6th - Due date for note cards for your presentation.  

April 13th -   Aesthetic responses are due.  

(We will be doing art class level presentations for the next few days.)

 April 20th - Presentation and Response Ready for the Art Show

Presentations will take place from 5:00-6:00 during the Art Show. 

Contact person for R2A is: Ms. Sally Danforth. Email:  Phone: 414.963.3951




Responding to Art 2016-2017 Overview

R2A - Overview

Responding to Art Expectations and Commitment

R2A (Doc 1) Contract and Commitment Form
R2A (Doc 2) Expectations and Guideline for Completion
R2A (Doc 3) Planning and Preparing a Presentation
Student Samples from Milwaukee Art Museum

Student Tools:

2D Reproduction Process
R2A - Aesthetic Response
R2A -Notecard Tips
Guiding Questions
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