Registration Materials

Welcome to Richards School.  We are looking forward to having your child become part of our Richards School family.


Enclosed you will find registration papers which need to be completed and returned to school immediately.  In addition to the enclosed paperwork, we will need to see:


  • your child’s original birth certificate


AND one of the following documents for proof of residency:


  • offer to purchase
  • a closing statement
  • a tax bill
  • rental agreement with child(ren) listed


It is very important for you to understand that your child’s registration will not be complete until all of this paperwork is completed and returned to the school office. 


If your child’s birth certificate and/or proof of residency are not filed within one month of receiving the other registration papers, your child will not be considered for placement here at Richards. Please review the proper links below to complete your registration.


Thank you for your cooperation in our registration process.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school office at 963-3951.




Dr. Alix Kasmarick


Registration/Demographic Form
Kindergarten Information Sheet
Kindergarten Health Form Letter
Kindergarten Health Forms
Immunization Form For All Grades
Grades 1-5 New Student Questionnaire
Classroom Emergency Form
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