Student Council
Student Council Member Application

Richards School 

Student Council 2013-2014


Student council is made up of fifth grade students interested in working together to create a safe, welcoming, and inspiring school and community.  Fourth graders interested in participating in student council will be invited to come to meetings in the spring. All students who successfully complete the sign-up process may serve as council members.


What is the purpose of Richards’ Student Council?


1.     Promote School Spirit

2.     Develop leadership skills

3.     Build school and community relationships through service projects

4.     Coordinate school-wide activities


How Can I Get Involved?


There are two ways to get involved!

  1. One way of getting involved is by supporting the council members and the projects sponsored by the council.
  2. Another way of getting involved is by joining student council! To do this, please complete the sign-up process by our first meeting on Tuesday, October 8th


What is Expected of Student Council Members?


1.   Attend scheduled meetings (see schedule below), for the school year term. In the event that you miss a meeting for an excused purpose, provide a written excuse from your parent. Students may not have more than two unexcused absences from meetings. Arrive promptly, and actively volunteer to participate.

2.   Gather ideas from your class as you represent your classmates.

3.   Report back to your classroom about council activities.

4.   Serve the council through active participation on your team.

5.   Uphold the values of fair play, responsible citizenship, and positive behavior.

6.   Maintain responsible study habits through timely completion of all assignments and full classroom participation.


 *Students not upholding the above expectations are ineligible to participate as a student council member.


Who are the Student Council Advisors?


Mrs. Miller- Student Council Advisor Co-Chair

Mrs. Wilda- Student Council Advisor Co-Chair

Mrs. Laundrie- Student Council Advisor

Mrs. Silberman- Student Council Advisor

Mrs. McGivern-Student Council Advisor

Mrs. Mike- Student Council Advisor

Mr. Dillner- Student Council Advisor

Mrs. Bouche- Student Council Advisor

When are the meetings?


Student Council meets usually one Tuesday per month during lunch and lunch recess (11:45 am- 12:35 pm) in the Art Room.  Bring your lunch and purchase a milk (and ice cream) before you come.

October 8th

November 12th

January 7th

February 4th

March 11th

April 1st

May 13th

June 3rd

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