Photo Name Title Email Phone Web Site
Abadie, Jessica Abadie, Jessica Senior Kindergarten Teacher Email 414-963-3951 x5102 Web Site
Ackermann, Joan Ackermann, Joan Health Aide Email 414-963-6800 x4419 Web Site
Ade, Barb Ade, Barb Fourth Grade Teacher Email 414 963-3951 x5212 Web Site
Adesokun, Martina Adesokun, Martina 8th Grade ELA Teacher Email Web Site
Albright, Katelyn Albright, Katelyn Math Teacher Email Web Site
Alsch, Lisa Alsch, Lisa Science Teacher Email 414-963-3928 Ext. 3329 Web Site
Altenburg, Gina Altenburg, Gina Special Education Teacher Email 414 963-3943 x2055 Web Site
Alter, Sara Alter, Sara Third Grade Teacher Email 414 963-3951 x5102 Web Site
Amman, Adrienne Amman, Adrienne Speech/Language Pathologist Email Web Site
Andersen, Rebecca Andersen, Rebecca Early Childhood Teacher Email Web Site
Andrus, Cherie Andrus, Cherie 7th Grade ELA Teacher Email 414-963-6800 x4116 Web Site
Armstrong Check, Abby Armstrong Check, Abby English Teacher Email Web Site
Aussem, Mary Aussem, Mary Guidance Counselor Email 414/963-3990 Web Site
Austin, Kate Austin, Kate Connects Site Manager Email Web Site
Bannink, Marcia Bannink, Marcia Special Education Paraprofessional Email Web Site
Barbeau, Bill Barbeau, Bill School Counselor Email 414-963-3928 x3185 Web Site
Bartolone, Lisa Bartolone, Lisa School Psychologist Email 414-963-3943 Web Site
Bartow, Kelly Bartow, Kelly Administrative Secretary Email 414-963-6800 x4411
Bayer, Jim Bayer, Jim Custodian Email Web Site
Baylor-Webb, Sharyne Baylor-Webb, Sharyne Third Grade Teacher Email 414 963-3943 x2206 Web Site
Beatty, Stephanie Beatty, Stephanie Library Paraprofessional Email Web Site
Beck, Andrea Beck, Andrea Art Teacher Email Web Site
Beirold, Sabine Beirold, Sabine German Teacher Email 414.963.6800
Bethany, Grace Bethany, Grace Math Teacher Email Web Site
Bhulanja, Ravi Bhulanja, Ravi Custodian Email Web Site
Bjerkvold, Belinda Bjerkvold, Belinda World Language Teacher Email Web Site
Blair, Annie Blair, Annie School Psychologist Email Web Site
Boettner, Jennifer Boettner, Jennifer English Email 414 963-3928 x3183 Web Site
Bond, Susan Bond, Susan Senior Kindergarten Teacher Email 414 963-3951 x5104 Web Site
Bornheimer, Mona Bornheimer, Mona First Grade Teacher Email 414 963-3951 x5116 Web Site
Bowman, Lisa Bowman, Lisa Fourth Grade Teacher Email Web Site
Boyd, Webster Boyd, Webster Custodian Email Web Site
Brettingen, Sue Brettingen, Sue Library Paraprofessional Email Web Site
Brody, Victoria Brody, Victoria Second Grade Teacher Email 414 963-3943 x2101 Web Site
Buchen, Jean Buchen, Jean ELL teacher Email Web Site
Buettner, Margo Buettner, Margo First Grade Teacher Email 414-963-3943 ext.2104 Web Site
Burmeister, Heidi Burmeister, Heidi Special Education Paraprofessional Email Web Site
Buzzell, Veronica Buzzell, Veronica Spanish Teacher Email Web Site
CROSS, TERESE CROSS, TERESE Reading Paraprofessional Email 414 963-3951 x5117 Web Site
CRUZ, SAMANTHA CRUZ, SAMANTHA General Music Teacher Email 414 963-3943 x2003 Web Site
Camacho, Alexis Camacho, Alexis Health Aide Email 414-962-6810 Web Site
Carson, Ken Carson, Ken Band Teacher Email 414-963-6800 x4126 Web Site
Carter, Amy Carter, Amy Speech/Language Pathologist Email 414-963-4222 Web Site
Cattey, Christina Cattey, Christina Math & Chemistry Teacher Email 414.963.3928 Web Site
Chase, Brian Chase, Brian Director of Buildings and Grounds Email 414-963-3926
Chase, Paul Chase, Paul Head Custodian Email 414-963-6800 x4007
Clausen, Ben Clausen, Ben 6th Grade Math Teacher Email Web Site
Cole, Jesse Cole, Jesse Special Education Paraprofessional Email Web Site
Collins Patzke, Carrie Collins Patzke, Carrie Art Teacher Email Web Site
Comerford, Alicia Comerford, Alicia Administrative Assistant Connects Program Email Web Site