Photo Name Title Email Phone Web Site
Commer, Olivia Commer, Olivia 5th Grade Teacher Email Web Site
Costa, Candace Costa, Candace English Teacher Email 414-963-3928 x3611 Web Site
Croal, Megan Croal, Megan ELL Teacher Email Web Site
Curran, Samantha Curran, Samantha Spanish Teacher Email Web Site
Daigle, Jared Daigle, Jared School Counselor Email Web Site
Danaher, Patrick Danaher, Patrick Physical Education Teacher Email 414-963-6800 x4618 Web Site
Danforth, Sally Danforth, Sally Art Teacher Email 414-963-3943 x5014 Web Site
Davey, Luke Davey, Luke Special Education Teacher Email Web Site
Dazey, Lindsey Dazey, Lindsey Counseling Secretary Email 414.963.3928 x3990 Web Site
DeRose, Jenni DeRose, Jenni Payroll and Benefits Specialist Email 414-963-3988 Web Site
DeToro, Annie DeToro, Annie Fifth Grade Teacher Email Web Site
Deboer, Amanda Deboer, Amanda Spanish teacher Email 414-963-3928, ext 3149 Web Site
Debot, Margot Debot, Margot Literacy Coach Email 414 963-3951 Web Site
Derose, John Derose, John Social Studies Teacher Email 414-963-3928 x3243 Web Site
Dettlaff, Cindy Dettlaff, Cindy Grade 8 Social Studies Email 414-963-6800 x4009 Web Site
Dillner, Brandon Dillner, Brandon Guidance Counselor Email 414-963-3951 x5027 Web Site
Doherty, Rebecca Doherty, Rebecca Art Specialist Email 414-963-6800 x4232 Web Site
Dornan, Marilyn Dornan, Marilyn Kindergarten Para Professional Email
Drew, Randee Drew, Randee Student Engagement Coordinator Email Web Site
Drexel, Lynn Drexel, Lynn 6th Grade Science & Social Studies Teacher Email 414-963-6800 x4212 Web Site
Dyer, Becca Dyer, Becca Special Education Para Email
EYERS, KAREN EYERS, KAREN Third Grade Teacher Email 414 963-3951 x5203 Web Site
Ebel, Laurie Ebel, Laurie Special Education Para-Professional Email Web Site
Ellefson, Chad Ellefson, Chad Math Teacher Email 414-963-3928 Web Site
Ensaldo, Jaime Ensaldo, Jaime Custodian Email Web Site
Ernst, Sue Ernst, Sue First Grade Teacher Email 414 963-3943 x2120 Web Site
Etten, Caitlin Etten, Caitlin Literacy Coach Email 414-963-6800 x4008 Web Site
Faherty, Jaclyn Faherty, Jaclyn Senior Kindergarten Teacher Email 414-963-3943 x2108 Web Site
Fenza, Kellie Fenza, Kellie Payroll/Benefits Specialist Email Web Site
Fieweger, Lou Fieweger, Lou Special Education Paraprofessional Email Web Site
Finder, David Finder, David Business Teacher Email (414) 963-3980 Web Site
Fitzpatrick, Nora Fitzpatrick, Nora 7th Grade ELA Teacher Email 414 963-6800 x4119 Web Site
Flanagan, Nicole Flanagan, Nicole Third Grade Teacher Email Web Site
Franzmeier, Scott Franzmeier, Scott Science Teacher Email 414-963-3991 Web Site
Freeman, Taylor Freeman, Taylor English Teacher Email Web Site
French, Diane French, Diane Junior Kindergarten Paraprofessional Email 414 963-3943 x2607 Web Site
Froemming, Middy Froemming, Middy Associate Principal's Secretary Email 414-963-6800 x4410 Web Site
Gahan, Stacy Gahan, Stacy Director of Special Education and Pupil Services Email 414-963-3924 Web Site
Galloway, Kari Galloway, Kari Yoga Instructor & Health teacher Email 414-963-3928 x3409 Web Site
Garbrecht, Jason Garbrecht, Jason District Grounds Supervisor Email 414-963-3928
Gard, Tom Gard, Tom Director of Bands, Grade 5, 9-12 Email 414-963-3928, ext.3929 Web Site
Geissel, Audrey Geissel, Audrey Early Childhood Special Education Teacher Email Web Site
Gibson, Anna Gibson, Anna Social Studies Teacher Email 414-963-3928 x3245 Web Site
Gile, Kathryn Gile, Kathryn Reading Interventionist Email 414 963-3951 x5326 Web Site
Giljohann, Tommy Giljohann, Tommy Special Education Teacher Email 414-963-3909 Web Site
Gleason, Yuki Gleason, Yuki Science Teacher Email 414-963-3928 x3607 (please use email first) Web Site
Godden, Dan Godden, Dan Custodian Email
Gonzalez, Maria Gonzalez, Maria Special Education Para Email Web Site
Gorlewski, Alison Gorlewski, Alison Psychologist Email 414-963-3928 x3862 Web Site