Director of Business Services

Shawn Yde
Director of Business Services

1200 E. Fairmount Avenue
Whitefish Bay, WI 53217
Phone:  414-963-3922
Fax:  414-963-3959

The Business Services Department is responsible for directing the Business Office, Buildings and Grounds, Food Services and the Computer Network. Functions include:

  • budget preparation and administration
  • financial accounting and reporting
  • payroll and fringe benefit administration
  • property accounting, purchasing
  • inventory control
  • cash management
  • cash investments
  • management of debt service and construction funds
  • internal and certified audit
  • administrative networking
  • instructional networking

Bev Pilarzyk-

Administrative Assistant to the Director of Buisness Services

Please contact Bev for support in the following areas:

  • Building rental
  • Time-off recording

Fiscal Responsibility:

Fund 80 -- Community Services Fund

District Annual Bulletin 2016

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